Guide to Palo Santo Wood for Smudging

Guide to Palo Santo Wood for Smudging

The tradition of burning herbs, wood, and resin for cleansing purposes has been practiced by different cultures around the world for centuries! The wood of the Palo Santo tree is among the most popular of these plants and plant by-products.  It is primarily used for clearing and cleansing.

Palo Santo wood burning is the simplest and most versatile among the methods available in dealing with negative energy. Palo Santo wood burning can be done in preparation for meditation in a smudging ritual. It can also be done throughout the day when an incense burner is used.

Healers and shamans have a special preference for Palo Santo for smudging because of its metaphysical properties of clearing negative energies and spiritual purification.

The practice of using Palo Santo wood for smudging has been performed for centuries and dates back to the Incan Empire era. The uplifting positive effect of Palo Santo is attributed to terpenes, a brain oxygenating substance that the wood is rich in. It is also known to boost your productivity, enhance creativity, and bring good fortune! Palo Santo is likewise proven to deliver many physical benefits that include healing common household ailments such as the common cold. Its pleasant sweet scent is an additional benefit.  


Using Palo Santo Wood for Smudging

With the use of a lighter, candle or match, ignite the Palo Santo stick. Hold the wood at 45 degree angle directing its tip towards the burning flame.  Allow 30 seconds to one minute for the stick to burn before blowing it out. You can then use the Palo Santo wood for smudging or place the stick to rest in an incense burner. Resting the stick will allow it to smolder and emit smoke for about 5 minutes.

Smudging Steps

A smudging ritual will allow you to clean the energy in a physical space, person, or object. First start with the intention or prayer of clearing your space and mind of negative energy. After you have done this, ignite the Palo Santo stick as earlier described. Walk around your target area, space, person or object, waving the wood to fan the smoke. Focus on cleansing and clearing energy as you do this step. Palo Santo will emit smoke for a few minutes as it smolders. Re-light the wood a few times as necessary throughout the smudging ritual. 

When you have finished smudging and removing the negative energy, it’s important to push positive energy to fill the space and maintain balance. You can do this by declaring your intention either loudly or silently in your thoughts.

Regardless of your beliefs, Palo Santo wood burning and smudging helps facilitate in creating a positive and soothing atmosphere that brings relaxation, peace, and creative spirit. Happy Smudging to All!