12 Amazing Benefits of Palo Santo Wood Smudging

12 Amazing Benefits of Palo Santo Wood Smudging

So what exactly can Palo Santo Wood Smudging do for you? Here are 12 Benefits!

palo santo wood smudging

1. Energy Cleansing and Spiritual Purification

Hands down, the biggest benefit from Palo Santo is spiritual purification and energy cleansing. The indigenous people of the Andes burn the wood to clear negative energy and attract tranquility. They continue to observe this practice to this day. Moreover, many more people around the world have adopted the practice after having experienced the same benefits.       

2. Deeper Connection to the Divine Source of Energy

The pleasant scent from Palo Santo is super uplifting! It raises your vibration especially in preparation for meditation and rituals that facilitate deeper connection to the source of all creation and energies.  

3. Boosting Creativity, Good Fortune, and Love

Sign me up! Users of Palo Santo attest to their positive results that include enhanced creativity, love, and good fortune. The key is a combination of the product’s efficacy AND the user’s openness to the potential power of the Palo Santo. In other words, you also have to believe in the power of the Palo Santo. No doubting here or it will not work!

4. Eliminating Negativity and Energetic Protection

These benefits may be experienced during Palo Santo wood burning and smudging. When Palo Santo sticks are burned, negative energy is driven from the space and invites tranquility to replace it. It is recommended that when you do this, to have an intention in your mind of the negative elements you want to clear in your space. You can then move from corner to corner to remove bad energy while filling your home with positive energy and good fortune.      

5. Crystals Renewal and Vibrational Cleansing

Crystals can draw out negative power! Their benefits can be enhanced with ritualistic cleansing. Palo Santo wood smudging can be performed to boost the properties and capability of your amethyst, jasper, rose quartz citrine and other crystals! 

6. Natural Physical Healing

Palo Santo is an alternative medicine that has traditionally been used to heal clinical conditions and ailments. The long list of health problems it addresses includes common colds, headaches, flu, asthma and inflammation. 

7. Clarifying and Soothing Scent

The burning of Palo Santo during smudging brings out a unique clarifying scent to every area in your home, car, office or anywhere you use it!


8. Deodorizing Sweet Scent

The smoke from the Palo Santo sticks has a sweet aroma similar to citrus, pine and mint. Aside from the clarifying and healing benefits of smudging, you also get the advantage of deodorizing any area in your house through the lingering scent produced from burning or smudging.      

9. Overcoming Mental Ailments and Calming the Mind

The benefits of Palo Santo wood smudging are not limited to spiritual cleansing and physical health. They also include mental well-being. Smudging can address some of the symptoms of anxiety, depression and sleep disorders through aromatherapy. It releases a calming scent that creates a sense of peace and relaxation!     

10. Mobility of Use

One of the advantages of using Palo Santo is being able to experience its beneficial effects anywhere you go. You can move about anywhere in your home or place of work and still get the benefits from it. You can do your rituals in your car or RV and in any place of your destination.      

11. Repelling Insects

Palo Santo emits pleasant fresh smoke capable of driving out and keeping away mosquitoes and other flying insects.    

12. Supporting Local Communities

Lastly, when you purchase Palo Santo Sticks, you are contributing to a sustainable livelihood among the people of the Ecuador, Peru, Argentina and other South American countries where the tree is grown and sustainably harvested.